Our Science

At BIOLOGIQUE, our medical team has taken human life sciences to the next level by unlocking the forces of molecular biology and cellular metabolism. Advanced Biologics 5 Step Program™  helps revitalize cellular energy, strengthen the immune system, and restore total body balance by reducing the effects of chronic low-grade inflammation.

Restore Total Body Balance

Our body is a multisystem organism, which by a series of biochemical reactions, maintains balance (Homeostasis). This equilibrium is the foundation for optimal metabolic function, cellular energy production, vitality and wellness. Our main body systems, such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, endronine-metabollic, renal-hepatic, neurological, and immune, interact to support body balance by properly absorbing nutrientsand eliminating toxins, via sweat, urine, feces, and respiration.    


We conducted a quantitative and qualitative evaluation, before and after patients underwent the treatment management protocols of the Biologique Center for Advanced Medicine, in order to evaluate the results, clinical symptoms, laboratory parameters and quality of life of treated patients three months after they started their protocols and one month after they had completed their protocols.

We studied 30 cases (2 prospective and 10 retrospective) of patients with cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrinological and immunological diseases, which had precarious health status that significantly affected their quality of life and had not obtained satisfactory results with previous medical treatment. Patients discontinued statin drug therapy before their treatment began. Of the 30 patients, only 1 interrupted their treatment due to personal travel, which denotes a high adherence rate to the treatment management protocols of the Biologique Center for Advanced Medicine.

At the end of the Biologique five step protocol, we observed a substancial improment regarding weight loss, visceral fat and body mass index compared to basal values on both patient cohorts, which suggests that the protocol significantly influenced the reduction of these clinical parameters in the short time the implementation of the management protocol was under evaluation (approximately 3 months elapsed until improvement was observed)

Laboratory parameters such as total cholesterol and tryglicerides were significantly reduced after the patient was included in the Biologique five-step protocol, which reflects its effectiveness in reducing these parameters in a short time.

90% (n = 26) of participants noted improvements in pain, as well as cardiovascular and gastric symptoms three months after completing the standardized Biologique Center for Advanced Medicine five step protocol, independently of the underlying disease for which the patient attented this center. The main diseases that were managed and had a positive impact were metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, gastritis, colitis and fibromyalgia.

Characteristically, all patients reported having more stamina and better concentration in their daily life compared with those reported before starting the protocol.

The qualitative analysis substancially corroborated what was reported by patients to the attending physician in this center on the improvement in their quality of life, which was logged in all patient records included in the assessment and described in full in a subsample of participantes in the qualitative component of this report.

The overall assessment of the experience of health services received in the Center for Advanced Medicine was rated as highly positive by all interviewed participantsin the qualitative component of this evaluation.

Although health is constructed as a dynamic process whose maintenance in satisfactory margins implies a continuous and long term compromise, data gathered in this qualitative component of this evaluation leave no doubt the important positive impact of Biologique’s 5-Step program on the health status of all respondents, including the reduction and, in some cases, elimination of chronic and long term symptoms which had previously failed to have received a timely solution.