B CORE, the world’s safest and most advanced extracorporeal blood tissue oxygenation protocol, is an integral part of BIOLOGIQUE’S Advanced Biologics 5 Step Program. In 60 minute sessions, patients re-oxygenate and enrich 100% of their corporeal blood flow with medical grade active oxygen. B-CORE’s proprietary technology reduces the inflammatory effects that are associated with aging and chronic diseases by helping the body eliminate the following toxins:

- Heavy Metals - Metabolic waste - Lipid Macro-particles - Inorganic substances - Petroleum derivatives

By offloading metabolic toxins and enriching long latency deficiencies patients activate their body’s metabolic healing mechanisms, reduce the effects of chronic inflammation, revitalize cellular energy, and restore total body balance. Enriching blood tissue with medical grade active oxygen triggers a cascade of advanced biochemical reactions which are invisible to the naked eye. These unique biochemical reactions work in unison to synergistically strengthen the immune system, lyze weak blood cells, eliminate unwanted bacteria,  cleanse healthy cell membranes, promote cellular fluidity, and boost hemoglobin’s oxygen carrying capacity all of which contribute to patient’s ability to revitalize cellular energy and maximize total body balance.

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